The most common question is which hitch is best and which do I need?


The decision on whether you need a slider or standard hitch will depend upon towing vehicle and Fifth Wheeler geometry. In the diagram, you can see a potential clash condition on tight turns caused by the hitch being very close to the cab of the towing vehicle. In short bed trucks, this is often impossible to avoid, as the hitch wants to be located near the rear axle to ensure good loading of the caravan’s nose weight on the towing vehicle axles.


Each combination of tow vehicle and Fifth Wheeler is different and needs to be assessed on a case by case basis. For further guidance on this please contact an approved Hayman Reese Fifth Wheel installer or Hayman Reese directly.


It is worth mentioning that the use of a Hayman Reese Sidewinder Pin Box will greatly improve the turning clearance for the short bed rucks that are typically found in Australia.