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Sidewinder Pin Box

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The Hayman Reese Sidewinder is a premium pin box coupler designed specifically for short bed pickups. The nimble and quick design automatically eliminates turning and clearance headaches. Now you can make up to 90-degree turns without exiting the truck. Without throwing a switch. Without pushing a button.

  • 4300kg Tow Rating
  • 800kg Maximum Pin Weight
  • Ideal for users requiring additional clearance
  • Typically used on short bed vehicles
  • Limited lifetime warranty

How does it work?

Sidewinder’s kingpin locking mechanism (the blocker plate shown on the right) moves the pivot position 560 mm rearward of the coupler’s attachment point. This enables Sidewinder to handle up to a 90-degree turn effortlessly.

By moving the pivot rearward while keeping the load centered over the axles, the trailer tracks more closely to the truck. This reduces the need for extra-wide turns and allows short bed pickups to jackknife with no fear of contact and it’s all done automatically.

Sidewinder also offers faster steering wheel response, making backing up easier than ever before. The pivoting pin box makes hook up possible at any angle. And since the towing position of the arm of the pin box is locked in line with the truck, you can make full use of the truck bed space, giving you extra storage space for fuel tanks, toolboxes and cargo.

Sidewinder has been built for strength. The design gives it more stability and strength than the standard pin box design. It also allows better load capacity and the ability to support heavier loads. Tested for real world conditions, Sidewinder has passed all the necessary approvals for compliance in Australia.

  • Please note that the Hayman Reese Revolution Sidewinder Pin Box has a unique Wing Size & bolt pattern and is not directly interchangeable with all pin boxes on Fifth Wheel caravans, particularly those imported from the USA, which may have different mounting plates and configuration.

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